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Saturday 20 November 2021


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Linda Asman becomes the Mayor of Pembroke for 2021/2022



Linda Asman's Mayoral Acceptance Speech


"This is a historic occasion as I can claim to be the first Mayor of Pembroke to take office by zoom! But I do hope this state of affairs will not last too much longer and look forward to when we can meet again in the Town Hall.


Covid has changed us all in so many ways and changed our way of doing things.  2 years ago we would be having a mayor making ceremony following this meeting but here we are today conducting business over the Internet.  So change is forced upon us – but why have this celebration when taking office?  It is easy to make speeches and say what one intends to do.  Actions speak louder than words - perhaps we should hold such an event at the end of a Mayor’s term, when achievements can be celebrated.


When relaxation of the rules allow, I am hoping to be able to do just that to properly thank our outgoing mayor Clr Gareth Jones for his extended term as Mayor during these difficult times

This will take place at an event I intend organising for Pembroke’s volunteers, a volunteers' evening in honour of Clr Rose Blackburn to thank her for the many years she has been Town Crier. A tremendous commitment to this town, which needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. This would also be an occasion for handing over the bell to Gareth – who qualifies as Town Crier for having quite the loudest voice on the Council!


I became a town councillor 13 years ago – my reason for seeking election was that I wanted to make a difference and during that time I have tried to do just that. I am passionate about this town of Pembroke and, since returning to Pembroke to live some 16 years ago, I have made it something of a mission to promote this town's amazing heritage – I co founded and chair the Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society and have worked closely with PTC to develop heritage projects including Pembroke Museum, town trails and Henry Tudor statue. A statue of William Marshal is currently taking shape and I hope ultimately Pembroke will have a arts trail.


I believe Pembroke’s future lies in exploiting its past heritage and that is why I have been such an advocate for the Henry Tudor Centre – which I am delighted to see materialising. What a wonderful thing for our town!  Exciting times lie ahead.


But I am also concerned for my ward of Pembroke St Mary’s North, working with the Community group, Green Park Pembroke to develop the play park. I feel strongly that not enough is done for the children and young people of this town.  I have therefore chosen this as my Mayor’s charity and, although last year I was unable to take office because of Covid, I have been working with the group to raise the necessary funding.  The Playpark and the William Marshal statue are 2 projects I hope to see completed during this year.


To conclude, as the 642nd Mayor of Pembroke, I promise you that I will be proactive throughout my year of office, organising events and raising money for community projects: this is what I will to do with the prominence that the role of Mayor will give me. "


Jonathan Nutting becomes the Deputy Mayor of Pembroke for 2021/2022



Jonathan Nutting's Deputy Mayoral Acceptance Speech


"I see my job as deputy mayor of Pembroke as a great honour for myself and my family.


My main role this year will be to support Linda and make sure she has a highly successful year as mayor


I fully agree with her that we must improve the town so it is better place for the people who call it home. We are guardians of a significant historical town of which we are all proud. Our role is to protect as well as add to its beauty and what it offers.


Employment opportunities within the town for our young people etc will be one of the priority areas I hope to promote. We have an exciting period ahead coming out of the COVID restrictions and the progress of the South Quay Development and Henry VII Centre. These are significant times and will set the towns future development for years to come. Primarily as a place for our residents but also for our visitors to admire, enjoy and spend their money."



Pembroke Town Council has a new Town Councillor for Pembroke St Mary (North Ward)



As a result of the uncontested election, Pembroke Town Council has a new Town Councillor for Pembroke St Mary (North Ward) Mrs Ann Mortenson.

Councillor Mortenson commented.......

I have lived in Southwest Pembrokeshire for my entire adult life.

When I lived in Lamphey I previously served on their community council. This experience inspired me to apply for the position on the Pembroke Town Council in order to have a say in what the council will do for my local community.

In my spare time, I am a Beaver leader and have been a Street Pastor for over a year now. I am also a trustee of the Foundry House as well as Scout and Guide Hut on the Green.




Events 2020

Please telephone the Town Council Office, 01646 683092, before making travel arrangements for any of the following events.




Regular Events in the Town Hall

The following events are on hold due to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Calling all men - would you like to brush up on your cooking skills?

Please click here for event information.


Every Monday (or Tuesday following a Bank Holiday Monday)

Weightwatchers 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Every Tuesday

Pilates   5.30pm – 7.30pm


Every Wednesday

Pilates 10.30am – 11.30am


Welsh Folk Dancing first Tuesday of each month 10.30am – 12.30pm


Messy Church first Wednesday of each month 2.00pm – 5.30pm


Pembroke Craft Fayre second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month 10.30am – 4.30pm


Country Market every Thursday 9.00am – 1.00pm





Pembroke Town Council

Town Hall, Main Street



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