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Twin Towns


The town of Pembroke is twinned with with both Bergen in Lower Saxony – Germany and with Pembroke in Malta.


On 16th April 1977 a partnership and twinning agreement was signed between Councilllor Joe Gough, then Mayor of Pembroke and Burgermeister (Mayor) Dr W Kothe of Bergen Germany.


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Pembroke and Bergen are very proud to have been twinned Towns for over 36 years.


The twinning agreement with Pembroke, Malta was signed on 4th May 2002, the Mayor of Pembroke at the time was Cllr Aden Brinn and the Mayor of Pembroke, Malta was Mr Joe Zammit.


Following his service of over ten years, Mr Joe Zammit resigned his post as Mayor in 2013 and a new Mayor Dr. Dean Hili was duly elected with Councillor Raymond Lanzon elected as Deputy Mayor.


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Twinning is important for our townships and youth organisations to have the benefit to learn about each others cultures and languages. It enables exchanges of education, culture and sport. Other areas for town twinning can be achieved through projects which will keep the momentum of twinning strong and give the process fresh impetus for the future.


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